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Cymbidium parents we use with names from A - F

This page presents a summary of our cymbidium and other outdoor growing breeding plants which we are currently using in our hybridizing program. These are used for breeding and display only and divisions are generally not for sale. Photographs of many of the plants are included with two image sizes: a thumbnail which is automatically displayed with the plant description, and links to a full sized image. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image. If there is no link to a photo at the end of the descriptive text, we do not have a reference photograph of that plant available at this time. Photographs will be added as they become available.

We try to include the important characteristics of each plant and what we expect it to produce as a parent. Plant size is indicated by Lar, Med, or Sm for large, medium or small, type of plant is indicated by Std, Nov or Min for standard, novelty or miniature cymbidium, bloom season is the primary month of bloom in coastal Southern California and ploidy is shown as 2N, 3N, 4N or 6N, or with ? if uncertain. Novelty plants have a miniature parent in the background, and the miniature parent and generation is indicated by P, E, D, C, S, M, O for pumilum (floribundum), ensifolium, devonianum, canaliculatum, sinense (hoosai), madidum or other. The number after the letter indicates first, second, etc. generation for the miniature species in the background.

The list of parents is divided into five separate sections, A - F, G - L, M - P, Q - S and T - Z. Links to each are provided in the sidebar. Again, the plants pictured are generally not for sale. Enjoy!

Cym. Applejack 'Solana Beach' is a reddish yellow full formed 4 inch flower which normally blooms at Christmas for us outdoors with two medium length spikes with up to 18 flowers each on a bulb. It produces free blooming hybrids, many with multiple spikes in the yellow to red range, depending on the other parent. Std, Med, Dec, 4N
Cym. Arts 'Bert's Delight' HCC/AOS B/CSA AD/CSA is a compact growing 2.5 inch beautifully spotted flower that normally blooms with up to 16 flowers on an arching spike. The first of the spotted hybrids from this parent have been outstanding with a good percentage of spotted flowers. Nov, Sm, Mar, 2N D2
Avranches 'Envy' is a large flat nonstaining green to yellow green flower with up to 14 flowers on a medium length spike. We think that it has the potential to be a good green parent. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Avranches 'Green Gold' is a large flat nonstaining yellow-green flower which can produce two spikes on a bulb. This should be able to produce both good yellows and greens. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Cym. Baltic Honey 'Solana Beach' is a compact growing dark green 4 inch flower which normally blooms around the first of January outdoors with 12 flowers on a medium length spike. The flower is resistant to sunstaining and is a clear, clean, intense green with a faint hint of blue when bloomed under 55% shade cloth. Many of the offspring are bright clear greens with no sunstaining at all when grown outdoors. Std, Med, Jan, 4N
Beau Guest 'Cara' is a great golden yellow full flower with a good yellow lip. It isn't a pure color as shown by the red column, but should breed nearly concolor lips. 12 4.5 inch flowers on the spike is normal for this. Std, Med, Apr, 4N
Black Widow 'Cerise' is an early blooming clear purple red breed from Peter Pan. It is lightly fragrant, and is useful for breeding very early red and pink novelty flowers. generally upright spikes with up to 15 flowers. Nov, Sm, Oct, 4N, E3
The cross of Bo Jangles has produced a wide range of colors and generally 4.5 to 5 inch round flowers with up to 18 flowers on an arching spike. Bo Jangles 'Pinkie' is unusual in that it is a clear pink rather than the normal yellow or sunset shades. This could be a good parent for very early pinks. Std, Med, Dec, 4N
Bo Jangles 'Sunset' is a bright sunset yellow orange 4.5 inch round slightly cupped award quality flower It can have up to 15 flowers on a medium length arching spike. Std, Med, Dec, 4N
Bob Marlin 'Erika' is a dark red round flower blooming in March as does most of the Bob Marlin cross. It has a darker lip than most, and has a long spike with up to 14 heavy flowers. We think this will be a good red parent for midseason. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Bob Marlin 'Miki' has a longer spike than most of the Bob Marlin cross, and is a good red with some darker spotting under the red color. The petals are a little more pointed, and the flower is larger than most in the cross. It can have up to 17 4.5 inch flowers on a nearly 4 foot spike when grown well. It should also be a good red midseason parent, and could prove useful for some spotted breeding. Std, Med-Lar, Mar, 4N
Bob Marlin 'Shocking' HCC/AOS B/CSA is one of the best of the cross, and is an unusual purple red color overlaid on a spotted background with a bold lip. It is a fairly compact plant, and can have 16 flowers on a medium spike. I think this could be useful for some spotted breeding, as well as for good purple red flowers. Std, Med, Mar, 4N Meristems Available!
The cross of Brandy Wine was a good mostly burgundy red cross. Brandy Wine 'Burgundy' is a 4.5 inch burgundy red flower on a medium long arching spike with up to 16 flowers on the spike. The bloom season is mostly March. We think the selected Brandy Wine cultivars will be good parents for round purple red flowers. Std, Med-Lar, Mar, 4N
Brandy Wine 'Dark Knight' is the darkest wine red flower to come from the cross. It is a little more open in form, but with much more intense color saturation. It flowers freely with multiple spikes with 12-13 flowers on the medium length spike, and is usually the last of the Brandy Wines to flower. This should also be another good parent for dark purple red free blooming plants. Std, Med, Mar-Apr, 4N
Brandy Wine 'Miki' has the longest spike of the Brandy Wine cultivars we kept from the cross. Like most, it is a burgundy red with up to 18 4.5 inch flowers on a long spike. Std, Med-Lar, Mar, 4N
Brandy Wine 'Vintage' B/CSA is the only plant of the cross to receive an award. It is a nearly 5 inch round dark wine red flower with up to 16 flowers on the long spike. It should be useful for breeding some good dark exhibition and award quality flowers. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Bronze Moon 'Pumpkin' is a large flat yellow to orange flower that has been used successfully to breed orange flowers. When hybridized with another orange flower, some of the offspring should be good oranges. Std, Med-Lar, Feb-Mar, 4N
Cabaret 'Peaches n' Cream' is from an interesting cross from Woody Wilson and Vogelsang, and has up to 40 ivory white round 3 inch flowers with fine dark pink spots on the sepals and petals on a long pendant inflorescence. We think this could be used to breed some well formed lightly spotted flowers in white to pink shades. Nov, Med, Feb-Mar, 4N Meristems Available!
Camouflage Candy 'Hot Lips' is a large 5" well formed pink with a huge bold white and burgundy lip. It has made some very nice large pink flowers with bold lips. Std, Med, Feb-Mar, 4N
Caripepper 'Peachy Keen' is a very free blooming fairly compact standard cymbidium with yellow orange flowers. It has received a cultural award from the CSA, and should be useful for breeding free blooming oranges and yellows, and even reds for pot plants. Std, Sm-Med, Mar, 4N Meristems Available!
Cym. Caripepper 'Sunset' is an intense golden yellow 3.5 inch full round flower with a bright orange-red overlay blooming on short spikes in April for us outdoors. We think this should produce bright yellow to fiery orange or red offspring when combined with red or yellow parents. Std, Sm, Apr, 4N
Cym. Charity 'Nancy' appears to be a chance tetraploid from a triploid cross. It is a large (5.5") very smooth clear pink flower with a narrow dark burgundy band around the large white lip. The first cross from it had very good germination, the plants appear to be completely normal and it produces large quantities of seed as both a pod and pollen parent. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Cym. Clarisse Austin 'Embers' HCC/AOS B/CSA is a dark red 4 inch round flower with up to 14 flowers on a medium spike. It has produced some very bright red to reddish brown flowers in the last 2 years. It is an apparent tetraploid from a triploid cross and breeds very well with large quantities of seed as both as a pod and pollen parent. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Cym. Claude Pepper 'Dragon's Blood' is a dark red 4 inch round flower with up to 14 flowers on a medium spike. It has produced some very bright red to reddish brown flowers in the last 2 years. It is a very round flower. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Cym. Cleo's Melody 'Freakout' AD/CSA is a most unusual 3.5 inch ivory white sepal peloric flower with the pattern and shape of half a lip reproduced on the lower half of the lateral sepals. About half of the offspring exhibit the same peloric markings in the lateral sepals for at least two generations so the mutation appears to be a genetically dominant trait. Std, Sm, Mar, 4N
Comanche 'Goldie' is a bright yellow 4 inch rectangular flower that has up to 25 flowers on a long semi-erect spike with multiple spikes. It has produced some very nice bright yellow large round flowers on tall stems of award quality. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Cym. Devon Lord 'Viceroy' AM/AOS B/CSA is a very round 3 inch pink flower on a long arching to pendant spike. The color seems to be recessive in the offspring with the other parent dominating. Nov, Sm, Feb, 2N, D2
Cym. Dorothy Rowe 'Showoff' is a nice bright, full clear dark pink 5 inch flower with a nice banded lip which opens exceptionally flat with good spacing and 12 flowers on an upright spike. This plant has produced some good, clear well spaced pink flowers when hybridized with other good pink parents, and some outstanding medium and very dark purple reds with other red parents. It has a number of awarded offspring. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Dorothy Smith 'Old Gold' is a 5 inch round award quality flower with extremely heavy substance and a stiff upright spike. Bred with other high flower count yellow parents, this should produce some fantastic golden yellow flowers. Std, Med, Feb, 4N
Dosido 'Sunset' HCC/AOS B/CSA is a great sunset colored 4.5 inch round flower blooming in early December outdoors. It is also one of the rare fragrant standard cymbidiums, and has a strong anise or licorice fragrance most of the day and night. We are using this to breed both fragrant and early season bright yellow to red flowers. Std, Med, Dec, 4N
Dotz 'Incredible' JC/AOS AD/CSA is the most incredible spotted novelty cymbidium we have seen. The flowers are about 2 inches across, very round with a solid nearly black lip and spots that have nearly black centers with a dark purple halo. It is a very compact plant with an arching spike as well. It seems to breed easily as both a pod and pollen parent and has the potential to be a spectacular spotted parent. Nov, Sm, Mar, 2N, D3
Dotz 'Wonderful' is another of the well spotted Dotz cross. The flower is about 2.5 inches across with more than 20 flowers on the long arching spike. It also has the potential to be a great spotted parent. Nov, Med, Mar, 2N, D3
Cym. Enchanted Beach 'Fiesta' is a very large 6 - 7 inch white open formed flower, with the sepals and petals well covered with burgundy spots. It can have up to 15 flowers well spaced on a 5 foot spike. Stunning due to its sheer size and the spotting. We expect some of the offspring to be nicely spotted. Std, Lar, Mar, 4N
Enchanted Profile 'Cotton Candy' HCC/AOS B/CSA is a large 5.5 inch flower with multiple long spikes and up to 15 flowers per spike. It is useful to get large free blooming award quality pink flowers. Std, Med-Lar, Feb-Mar, 4N
Cym. Enchanted Profile 'Stars and Stripes' is a 4 inch clean white flower with dark pink lines in the sepals and petals. Up to 15 flowers are nicely arranged on medium spikes. This has produced some striped flowers in the offspring. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Erin Mist 'Emerald' is a large clear award quality non-staining green flower with a spotted lip. We use it to get large clear green flowers. Std, Med, Mar, 4N
Evening Dream 'Karl' is a bright dark brick red 5" flower with a bold dark banded lip. It has 14 flowers on a long upright to arching spike. We think this can breed some dark red award quality flowers. Std, Med-Lar, Feb-Mar, 4N
Fiery Queen 'Sunset' is a compact growing bright sunset orange 4 inch flower on medium length stems. We think this will breed some bright orange flowers. Std, Med-Small, Mar, 4N
Cym. Floriflame 'Big Mama' is a 3 inch medium reddish pink flower that blooms in September, and has almost the largest flower of the cross. The Peter Pan heritage brings fragrance and warmth tolerance into the hybrid. We expect the offspring of the Floriflames to be mostly fragrant, early and warmth tolerant. Nov, Med, Oct, 4N, E2