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Index of Cymbidium Parents, Descriptions and photographs

This page presents a summary of our cymbidium and other outdoor growing breeding plants which we are currently using in our hybridizing program. These are used for breeding and display only and divisions are generally not for sale. Photographs of many of the plants are included with two image sizes: a thumbnail which is automatically displayed with the plant description, and links to a full sized image. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image. If there is no link to a photo at the end of the descriptive text, we do not have a reference photograph of that plant available at this time. Photographs will be added as they become available.

We try to include the important characteristics of each plant and what we expect it to produce as a parent. Plant size is indicated by Lar, Med, or Sm for large, medium or small, type of plant is indicated by Std, Nov or Min for standard, novelty or miniature cymbidium, bloom season is the primary month of bloom in coastal Southern California and ploidy is shown as 2N, 3N, 4N or 6N, or with ? if uncertain. Novelty plants have a miniature parent in the background, and the miniature parent and generation is indicated by P, E, D, C, S, M, O for pumilum (floribundum), ensifolium, devonianum, canaliculatum, sinense (hoosai), madidum or other. The number after the letter indicates first, second, etc. generation for the miniature species in the background.

The list of parents is divided into five separate sections, A - F, G - L, M - P, Q - S and T - Z. Links to each are provided in the sidebar. Again, the plants pictured are generally not for sale. Enjoy!