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Revised: 12/11/2023

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Casa de las Orquideas offers a large number of blooming size Cymbidium hybrid seedlings and, in season from October to February, in spike or flower. A few meristem cymbidium plants are also available. We do not normally ship plants in spike or in flower (inquire for shipping in spike or in pot), and all large plants are normally shipped bare root. We sell to destinations in the USA only. Shipping charges are detailed on the order form cover sheet. Shipments of plants to certain states (Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii) require agricultural inspection of the shipment as well; all plants in these orders must be shipped bare root. Costs for inspection ($40 per order) will be added to the cost for the order. See our detailed Sales Policy for additional information. Click the individual buttons or titles to the left to go to each list. For orders in California, please note that the sales tax rate will increase to 8.75% effective April 1st.

Because of recent rate changes by the US Postal Service, effective immediately, all mail orders will be sent via UPS, unless another carrier would be more cost-effective or is specifically requested. Orders sent via USPS Priority Mail that require a large box will be subject to an additional $15 shipping surcharge. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We believe all plants we offer for sale are free of ORSV and CymMV virus, and will replace any plant that tests positive for either of these virus types within 60 days of shipment. We use the Agdia ImmunoStrip dual ORSV/CymMV test for virus testing and we offer to test each plant sold for these virus types at a cost of $6 each to ensure the plants are free of detectable virus at time of shipment. Check our Virus Policy for additional details. For more information on this virus testing, visit

We offer quantity discounts on plants as follows:
Under $100 - net
$100 to $250 - less 5%
$250 to $500 - less 10%
$500 to $1000 - less 15%
over $1000 - less 20%
Note!! Quantity discounts do not apply to special sales such as our annual open house, or to other discounted items, or to virus testing cost. Quantity discounts apply to each purchase individually and are not cumulative from purchase to purchase.