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6-inch plants for sale

Plants in 6-inch pots are bulb and growth to flowering size and may be in spike.
The first line contains our file number and name of the hybrid (if any). If we have a photo of a plant from the cross, the number will be a link to the photo. The second line is the names of the parents. The third line is the expected appearance of the flower.

6" pot size plants are $15.00 each not in spike or $20.00 each with a single spike (October to March only; please inquire about availability). All plants are normally shipped bare root with the potting mix removed. We do not normally ship plants in spike! Plants in spike are normally available only at the nursery. To arrange for shipment of 6" plants in pot or in spike, contact us directly to determine the additional shipping charges required.

This is the current listing, and supersedes all previous lists. Plants numbered through LB 1801 are no longer available.

LB 1802 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Grand Dame 'Nancy' x Cym. Peter Dawson 'Grenadier'AM/AOS G/CSA
We don't make many white crosses, but this one should produce mostly exhibition quality large round white flowers for Feburary and March blooms. We expect some awards in this free blooming tetraploid cross.

LB 1812 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Helen Tangcay 'Passion' B/CSA x Cym. Rebel Yell 'Nancy' HCC/AOS
Limited! Helen Tangcay 'Passion' is nearly as nice as 'Charming', and combined with the very dark 5" pink Rebel Yell 'Nancy', we expect large round exhibition dark pink flowers for March bloom. There should be some awards in the cross.

LB 1821 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Golden Elf 'Sundust' 4N x Cym. Dosido 'Sunset'
Fragrant cymbidiums are a passion of ours, and this cross should be all fragrant. Dosido 'Sunset' has a strong anise or licorice fragrance most of the day and night, and combined with Golden Elf, we think it will be a great cross. The orange-yellow flowers should be about 3.5" round and should bloom in October.

LB 1864 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Pure Love 'Razzle Dazzle' x Cym. Cherie 'Nancy'
Limited! This cross should provide a lot of bright yellow to orange flowers on long spikes for February blooms.

LB 1867 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Salsa 'Splash' x Cym. So Bold 'Lemon Surprise'
Limited! Both parents have a strong pleasant citrus like fragrance. We think many of the offspring will be yellow to bronze large flowers with a strong fragrance.

LB 1892 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Mighty Mouse 'Minnie' 4N x Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika' AM/AOS B/CSA
Limited! This is the cross of our darkest red cymbidium with Mighty Mouse. These should be dark red with very dark bold lips on good long spikes for March.

LB 1896 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Phil Cass 'Carrie' x Cym. Brenda 'Geyserland'
Limited! This cross should produce exhibition quality clear white flowers for February and March.

LB 1907 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika' AM/AOS B/CSA x Cym. Cherry Cola 'Tikitere'
Limited! Ruby Lips 'Erika' is the darkest red cymbidium we have seen with up to 18 4" flowers on a tall, upright spike. With the early free blooming light red novelty Cherry Cola, we expect to get free blooming dark red 3" novelty flowers with good spikes for February to March blooms.

LB 1921 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Yamanashi Fire 'Burgundy' x Cym. Vogelsang 'Eastborne' 4N
Limited! This cross should produce free blooming red novelty flowers on upright stems for April.

LB 1922 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Yamanashi Fire 'Burgundy' x Cym. Pele 'Prolific'
Limited! Pele 'Prolific' bloomed with 7 spikes and more than 70 4.5" red round flowers as a first bloom seedling in a 6" pot with up to 3 tall spikes on a bulb, and has continued that production. With the very dark Yamanashi Fire 'Burgundy', we expect to get mostly dark red free blooming plants for March and April blooms. Reverse of LB 1924

LB 1923 Cym. Cabaret
Cym. Woody Wilson 'White Knight' HCC/AOS x Cym. Vogelsang 'Eastborne' 4N
Limited! This is a remake of Cabaret with a different, bright white Woody Wilson. This should have a cleaner white color than the original cross. Round white 3" pendant novelty flowers for March and April.

LB 1927 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika' AM/AOS B/CSA x Cym. Golden Elf 'Sundust' 4N
Ruby Lips 'Erika' is the darkest red cymbidium we have seen with up to 18 4" flowers on a tall, upright spike. The summer blooming Golden Elf usually breeds early blooming semi warmth tolerant flowers, and we hope to get some early blooming dark red 3" flowers on tall, strong stems.

LB 1934 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Bob Marlin 'Erika' x Cym. Yamanashi Fire 'Burgundy'
Limited! This is a cross of two of our best red parents. We expect mostly 4.5 inch dark burgundy red tetraploid flowers on long stems with up to 18 tetraploid flowers on a stem for April blooming.

LB 1949 Cym. Green Sensation
Cym. Lemon Butter 'Solana Jade' x Cym. Valley Zenith 'Erin Spring'
This is a remake of an Australian cross using our own green parents. The flowers should be 4.5 inches across with little sunstaining and blooming for late March to April.

LB 1953 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Harry Polis '#1' x Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika' AM/AOS B/CSA
Limited! This cross has the potential to be the darkest purple red cross we have ever made as both parents are very dark. We expect very dark saturated purple red 3.5 inch triploid flowers on upright stems and compact plants for March and April blooms and have the potential to be showstoppers.

LB 1957 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Pele 'Prolific' x Cym. Vogelsang 'Eastborne' 4N
Limited! Pele 'Prolific' is one of the most free blooming cymbidiums we have seen, blooming with 7 spikes and 70 4.5 inch flowers as a first bloom in a gallon pot. This cross should provide lots of free blooming tetraploid offspring with up to 20 3.5 inch red flowers on long arching stems for April blooms.

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