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Revised: 1/11/2012

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Special Events

Special Events At The Casa During The Year

Each year, we participate in a number of shows and other events at the nursery and elsewhere.

Our first major event of the year is the Newport Harbor Orchid Society showRomancing the Orchid which will be held February 10, 11 and 12 at the Westminster Mall, and we will be there

In early March, the South Bay Orchid Society has their annual show, and this year click to see the Show Flyer. We intend to participate in this show for 2012 and beyond. It is held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center.

The Sa Diego County Orchid Society Showand the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show typically fall on two consecutive weekends in mid to late March, and we will always be found at these two major orchid events, both as sellers and with large exhibits of the newest cymbidium and zygopetalum hybrids. These are major sales events, and we have several hundred plants from the latest hybrids for sale in bloom at these shows.

Easter weekend may find us at the Las Vegas show sponsored jointly by the Torrance Cymbidium Society and the Greater Las Vegas Orchid Society. This show is held at the California Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. Although we don't sell at this show, we often provide several hundred cut flowers from our show and breeding stock for society arrangements and corsages. For us it is a vacation with many of our orchid friends.

The last weekend of April finds us at out last sales show of the season, Orchids at the Flower Fields" in Carlsbad. What a venue, with 40 acres of blooming ranunculus plants as a backdrop for an orchid show.

The third Saturday in May is our annual seedling sale where we have a large number of seedlings for sale at half price or less for those who are interested in plants not in flower. Turnout at this sale is great, and everyone can find a good bargain.

The first weekend in October brings the first show of the new season, The San Diego International Orchid Fair 2010 at The San Diego Botanic Garden, formerly Quail Botanical Gardens, in Encinitas. It's early for cymbidiums, but we usually have zygos in bloom, and some choice meristem cymbidiums plants for sale at this show. Those who have suffered show withdrawal symptoms can get their first fix of the fall season here, and enjoy the rest of the renowned gardens as well.

Our last major event of the calendar year is our annual open house on the first weekend of December. We always save the new releases in cymbidium meristems and the new cymbidium and zygopetalum seedlings for the open house. December is our special seedling sale month, with all our 3" seedlings at reduced prices, both at the nursery and by mail order. We invite Andy's Orchids, Ramona Wilson, Jerry and Anita Spencer, and the Rowland Collection to join us at the open house also, so there is a lot more available than just cymbidiums and zygos. Several other orchid nurseries including Sunset Valley Orchids and Rudvalis Orchids often have an open house the same weekend, making it worthwhile for those all around the state to come and enjoy a San Diego Orchid weekend.