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List of backbulbs

Welcome to our list of cymbidium backbulb divisions for the 2022 season. Please note that these are subject to prior sale and are limited to the quantities listed. Many newly potted plants from this year's repotting have just been added! One division per plant per customer, please. The pot size will be listed with the plants. We prefer these be picked up at the nursery if possible but we can ship them if necessary. Any shipping charges would be at the rate for 3" pots, except for plants in 5" or 6" pots, which would be at the rate for regular plants in 6" pots. Since these must be sent in pot, we unfortunately cannot ship to Texas or to any state requiring an agricultural inspection (Florida, Hawaii, et al). Please send in all orders directly via email to so we have an exact time in case of multiple requests for the same plant. Last updated 12/7/2022, 12:00 PM.

Photographs are provided when available. Thanks to Arthur Pinkers for providing many of the pictures.

Daisy Mae 'Nella' is another nice large flowered pure color yellow with good tall spikes. Easily makes a specimen plant. Tetraploid. Photo is of a very similar plant from the cross. 4" - $12.50
Dosido 'Sunset' HCC/AOS B/CSA is a great sunset colored 4.5 inch round flower blooming in early December outdoors. It is also one of the rare fragrant standard cymbidiums, and has a strong anise or licorice fragrance most of the day and night. We are using this to breed both fragrant and early season bright yellow to red flowers. 3" - $10
Dream Catcher 'Dutchess' has a heavy bright pink pattern over just a hint of a white background. Good shape too. 4" - $20, 3" - $15
Easter Candy 'Bunny' is a sepal peloric cymbidium with distinctive pastel pink markings on the lip and lateral sepals. 4" - $20
Emerald Dragon 'Lime' is a striking green sepal peloric with a large dark red patch on the lip. This is from the second making of the Emerald Dragon cross. 5" - $25, 4" - $20
Emerald Shamrock 'Daffodil' is from a recent cross we made that produced large-flowered yellow to green offspring. This one should be more of a yellow, by the name of it. 3" - $5
Fire Storm 'Backfire' is another from this prolific cross of big red standards. This one has a light red base color with darker red pinstriping. Large tetraploid for March. 6" - $15, 4" - $10
Glitter Gulch 'Goldie' is a bright pure color yellow that should flower for the spring shows. One of our regular customers with an excellent eye for quality made sure to get the most recent piece! 4" - $10
Greek Goddess 'Lipstick' is an interesting flower from our spectacular Greek Goddess cross. While the sepals have the usual pink patterning over a white base, in 'Lipstick' the petals are almost solid white with a smaller pink triangle at the ends. Midseason tetraploid standard; long-lasting flowers. 4" - $20
Greek Goddess 'Triple R' is a plant we originally sold as a seedling from the Greek Goddess cross. When we got a piece back, the grower swore it was actually a division of the great Greek Goddess 'Wow', but it didn't look like it when it bloomed! Good grower at the very least. 4" - $20
Jacob's Coat 'Amber' is a small standard yellow-orange from this productive polychrome cross. Mid-to-late season triploid. 3"(2) - $5
Kurunda '1515B' is an additional plant from the cross that produced Kurunda 'Lil Stinker'. Very similar growth, flowers, and fragrance, but not quite as precocious blooming. Vigorous growers Also one of the rare cymbidiums that can produce new growths from multiple heights on the bulb . 4" - $20
Cym. Kurunda 'Arthur Dawson' AM/AOS B/CSA is a primary hybrid between madidium and suave that has up to 80 small olive green fragrant flowers on pendant spikes. It blooms in May, and usually has two or more spikes on each bulb and can flower successively on each mature bulb for up to 3 years. This is also one of the rare cymbidiums that will produce new growths from multiple heights on each bulb. This is from a meristem. 4" - $20
Marie Bashir 'Shocking' HCC/AOS is another bright orange with a bright red flare on the sepals and petals coming from the Wallacia parent. It can have up to 16 flowers 4.5 inches across on the medium tall stem and two spikes per bulb if grown well. The flaring characteristic should come through in some of its seedlings, and we use it for this reason. Tetraploid. Good grower. 4" - $20, 3" - $15
Via Ambarino 'Highland' FCC/AOS is a large flowered yellow with good shape that blooms in midseason. Tetraploid. 4"(2)- $15
Via Ambarino 'Pacifica' HCC/AOS is a large flowered yellow with good shape that blooms in midseason. Photo is of its similar sibling Via Ambarino 'Highland'. Tetraploid. 4" - $15, 3" - $12.50
Via Coyote 'Blackbeard' is a nice dark red for midseason. Fairly compact plants. We've used it for breeding a couple of times. Blooms in Feb.-March. 4" - $10
Yellow Candy 'Fool's Gold' is a fall blooming pure-color yellow tetraploid. It can easily make a specimen plant. Probably would prefer slightly drier conditions or a better-draining mix than most cymbidiums. 3" - $5